Slea Head & Blasket Island Visitor Centre

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JOIN US ON A MAGNIFICENT TOUR AROUND THE SPECTACULAR SLEA HEAD PENINSULA. Once described by National Geographic as “the most beautiful place on earth” the peninsula is littered with archaeological and historical sites that are nestled into the breathtakingly beautiful landscape.

Discover a land dotted with majestic views as we take you off the beaten track to explore the dramatic and wild coastline of Slea Head. We will delve into this unique destination as we take a visit to the stunning Blasket Island visitor centre to learn about the extraordinary lives of the talented inhabitants of the island who lived there up until 1953 and their unique Gaelic culture.

From EUR 20

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11:00 AM: Bus Departure for Slea Head

Considered one of Ireland’s most westerly points with dramatic views of the Skellig and Blasket Islands.

11:45 AM: Coumeenoole & Dunmore Head

A stunning location with wonderful views of Coumeenoole Bay and the Blasket Islands where a Gaelic speaking community lived until 1953.

11:55 PM: Bus departure for Blasket Island Visitor Centre

An beautiful interpretation centre that tells the story of the Gaelic speaking community that lived on the island until 1953.

12:55 PM: Bus departure for Gallarus Oratory

13:15 PM: Gallarus Oratory Tour

One of the most famous landmarks on the Dingle Peninsula and is completely made of stone and some way it resembles an upturned boat.

13:45 PM: Bus departure for Dingle

14:00 PM: Arrive in Dingle

Relax and explore the colourful town of Dingle


1. Explore Slea Head Peninsula

2. Discover it’s unique Gaelic culture

3. Gaze out upon spectacular landscapes

4. Visit the Blasket Island Visitor Centre

5. Learn about myths and legends


  1. Dingle