The Last Kingdom - Travel Pass - Small Group Tour of Ireland

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Discover the story of the Last Kingdom as you journey along Ireland’s most famous coastal route, the Ring of Kerry, filled with region’s most dramatic landscapes of wild rugged coastline, golden beaches, glistening lakes, picturesque villages and spectacular mountain ranges.


The next morning, you will départ on an early boat tour to the dramatic and wild setting of Skellig Michael, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, that is also known as the home of the last Jedi. And once you have safely returned to the mainland, the tour will continue along the Ring of Kerry in pursuit of Killarney.


A truly remarkable and unique experience that will be forever etched in your heart!

From EUR 145

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The Last Kingdom tour reveals the rich story that envelopes this unique part of the world. This tour will you take you further off the beaten track as you meander along the world famous Ring of Kerry and venture onto Valentia Island, a remarkable island off the western edge of Ireland. Here you will be able to delve into its incredible history and heritage, explore its magical landscapes, and if you are lucky get a glimpse (weather permitting) of the dramatic Skellig Islands.


After a bite to eat, you can take the opportunity to relax or visit the Skellig Experience Centre, to brush up on your knowledge of the island before heading out to discover this wild spectacle first hand the next day. That evening, experience the quaint coastal village of Portmagee with its vibrant pubs and culinary delights.



Your day will begin with an early morning boat tour departure to Skellig Michael, a dramatic UNESCO world heritage site which is situated 11 miles of the coast of Kerry and rises up to over 230 metres above sea level.

Along the way, feast your eye’s on the majestic setting of the Skellig islands, which are home to the world’s second largest Gannet colony, colourful photogenic Puffins, and numerous marine life from sea birds, dolphins, seals and whales.

Once you disembark from your boat onto Skellig Michael, you will have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of this incredible island, as you climb the adventurous 618 steps to its summit, where you will discover the remarkable early Christian huts and maybe even the spirit of the last Jedi. Take your time to gaze out over the vast wild Atlantic Ocean and feel what it would have been like to live on a remote island on what was once thought to be the edge of the world.


After your return to mainland, you will continue along the iconic Ring of Kerry back to Killarney, stopping off at many spectacular viewing points to learn of their historical importance and the opportunity to take that picture that will ensue oohs and ahhs upon your return home.



  • Explore the Ring of Kerry and Valentia Island
  • Take a unique boat tour to Skellig Michael
  • Discover spectacular landscapes and wildlife
  • Visit quaint towns and villages
  • Great food and fun traditional music nights


  1. Killarney (IE)